A kit of six acrylic brushes with different size: №2, №4, №6, №8 и №10.
№: 56159en
28.50 лв.
№: 569en
15.50 лв.
Revolutionary file that last 4 times longer than the average abrasive and is extremely effective for rapid product reduc
№: N3607 en
9.00 лв.
Red colour.
№: SN90-6119 en
19.50 лв.
Self-Stick Dispensing Pack. Directions: To begin dispensing fiberglass, separate fiberglass and backing, slide backing t
№: AS901 en
12.90 лв.
Nail tips & adhesives
- Perfect Fit Every Time, Reinforced Side Walls. - Elongated Arch, Built-In C-Curve. - Air Tight Bond, Non-Yellowing. -
№: AS694 en
29.90 лв.
Nail tips & adhesives
- No Tip Blending, French Look Instantly. - Reinforced Side Walls, Non-Yellowing. - Air Tight Bond, Easy to Apply. - ABS
№: AS679 en
29.90 лв.
Nail tips & adhesives
- Crystal Clear, Fits to Any Nail Bed. - Reinforced Side Walls. - Apply Any Color Acrylic or Nail Art. - ABS Professiona
№: AS851 en
29.90 лв.
Nail tips & adhesives
Elation Tips are made from NSI’s patented and revolutionary PolyFlex™ material that offers greater flexibility; tips won
№: N6741 en
7.50 лв.
№: W70501 en
13.70 лв.
Nail tips & adhesivesFoil
For use with So Easy's Decorative Nail Foils, rhinestones and glitters.
№: SE98888 en
19.40 лв.
So Easy - PICKerr UPerr
This patented tool allows you to apply rhinestones in just two simple steps - Just touch the stone and place it on the n
№: SEPU-01
10.30 лв.